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"I have never bought a home before and did not understand all the fees my lender was charging.  Every time I asked my loan officer he told me the fees were standard and brushed my concerns aside.  The Loan Pros consultant who worked with me was very patient and took a great deal of time explaining each fee to me.   He contacted my loan officer and had some of the fees lowered.   Thank you for your help.   With the money I saved I was able to wallpaper one of the rooms which needed improvement.   I plan on sending my friends to you if they close on a loan."   Rosalind - Texas

"I have made a decision to "close" my business (note: we deleted the name of the company).  I want to be able to devote my time to Loan Pros.  Let me tell you that this decision comes after much consideration and prayer.  I want you all to know how much I appreciate the fact that Loan Pros is NOT a MLM company (and I hope it forever remains that way)...that I don't have to buy catalogs, samples, etc., and that people aren't pressured into buying something in order for their friend the hostess to get a bonus gift.  I have to say that offering the service that Loan Pros provides is something to be so proud of, and I feel good about the fact that I may be able to help someone save money."  Lynn - North Carolina

"Thank you for your help last week with my closing.   I am sorry I called so close to closing but at the last minute my lender raised my fees and I decided to take a chance and contact you.   I had read about your service earlier but decided I didn't need your help.  I'm glad I didn't lose your web site address since my lender didn't do what they promised.   Even though I waited until the last minute your office jumped right in and helped me.   I learned a valuable lesson from this closing and will contact you again if we decide to refinance."   Jeffrey - Rhode Island

"I searched a long time trying to find a company on the Internet which would allow me to work from home.  It seemed like everything I found offered something like vitamins or phone service.  With small children at home I do not have time to attend nightly meetings.  With Loan Pros I work at night placing a few advertisements on the Internet after my children are settled.  I've set my goals and know that with Loan Pros I will build a successful business.  I want to thank the staff in I.R. Services for all the help they provide.  They are so friendly I almost feel like I know them personally.  There is a feeling of camaraderie that comes across every time I contact your office.  Thank you for allowing me the chance to work with you."    Holly - Kansas

"I'm an accountant and signed up as a sales representative after preparing taxes for several people and seeing the fees lenders were charging.   Several fees lenders charge are tax deductible but the amounts shock me.   Being a professional in my community I must align myself with professional companies and cannot risk referring people I know to a company without an excellent reputation.  I feel very proud to be affiliated with Loan Pros and have no hesitation recommending you to others.    In a day where all you find are typical MLM's Loan Pros is a refreshing change.  Thank you."   Jim - Georgia

"I decided to work for Loan Pros after trying your service as a customer.   I was very pleased with the service I received with my loan and decided that with my first hand knowledge I would be able to confidently refer you to others.   Thank you for your help.  I hope as a representative I will be able to earn us both some money!"   Kelly - Oregon

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  My closing went so smoothly and I understood all the fees.   I felt so smart at the closing table after talking to your consultant!"  Barbara - North Carolina

"I have been with Loan Pros for many months now and meant to write to your sooner but kept getting busy with other duties.   I wanted to write and let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you.  It's required very little of my time other than placing advertisements on the web."

" Your staff has been a great help to me in responding to my prospects.  I finally decided to write after receiving your email this morning that a customer had called in and mentioned my code number.   Such honesty in a company is refreshing.   I would not have known I had this customer if your staff member hadn't taken the time to write to me."

"I knew I was working with a company with integrity and am glad I chose to work with you.    If I need to do anything to help process this customer please let me know. "  Andrea - Virginia

(Note from Loan Pros:  No further work was needed - place the ads and we do the rest!)

You could read dozens of letters all confirming the following:

Loan Pros is different from other companies.

There is no risk by using the service offered by Loan Pros.

Working with Loan Pros gives you a profitable home based business opportunity.



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