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What is C-Loans™? It's a FREE databank that contains the current loan rates of 750 commercial mortgage lenders. You can instantly find the cheapest lenders for a small 6-plex in Kansas or a huge motel in New York. The lenders are even listed in interest rate order, so to find the cheapest lender, just start at the top. These handsome print-outs are totally FREE!

Simply fill out a very short loan application and then ask for your list of lenders.   The system filters out all of the lenders, except those lenders who would be interested in your size of deal, in your particular state, and on your particular type of property.  You then get a list of suitable lenders, in interest rate order, along with each lender's current rates.  You can submit to up to four lenders with a simple mouse click.

Within four hours (except at night), you will receive personalized quotes or turndown notices by e-mail from these lenders.  If your deal is turned down, simply click on a hyperlink found in the turndown message and return to your loan app.  You can then click on four more lenders, and continue until you find the right one.  This system is quite simple, yet so slick!

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"But how do I know your lenders have good rates?" you ask.

There are fifty nationwide lenders in the application system, including seven life companies, five major loan conduits, four small loan conduits, two REIT's, a bunch of small banks and a ton of hard money and niche lenders.  Our lenders can match the best rates in the market for any type of project.  You simply go down the lender list in order until you meet your "bride".

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Are you ready to get funded? Just fill out this four-minute application and click on lenders until your loan is approved! Use this feature if you don't need the money yet. Just fill in your commercial mortgage loan needs and press "search" to reveal the loan rates of 750 lenders.

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