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How are taxes handled?

As an Independent Representative you are provided with a 1099 Statement in January reflecting any earnings in excess of $700.00. Save any receipts for home businesses expenses so that you can deduct some items from your taxes. Consult your tax advisor for complete details.  Having a home based business can offer tremendous tax advantages!

When can I begin working?

You can begin working as soon as your contract has been processed (allow 48 hours) and you feel comfortable with the information contained in the training site which is disclosed after joining.  The training site answers most questions however please contact Loan Pros for assistance when needed.  We want successful representatives!  Successful sales representatives are essential to our continued success.

If I know someone who doesn't have a computer can they join?

Yes, they will need to have access to a computer to complete the contract information but as long as they have reviewed the on line training manual and feel knowledgeable enough to begin marketing they are welcome to join. In lieu of e-mail these representatives may fax in customer information.

Who can work for Loan Pros?

Anyone who is of legal age in the country in which they reside may work for Loan Pros as an Independent Representative.    All commissions are paid in U.S. Dollars via the U.S. Postal Service.

What about customers?

Customers must be from the U.S.A. only.   Representatives from other countries are encouraged to join however you must target only U.S. customers.  You are welcome to build a team of representatives from outside the U.S. over the Internet.

Does Loan Pros lend money?

No. Loan Pros is a loan consulting company not a lender.  Loan Pros cannot refer any individual to a lender. It is imperative  Loan Pros remain objective when reviewing a file.  Please review our "SERVICES" section for details.

Can you help everyone with a savings?

Not all customers will see a savings. Many will have reasonable fees being charged by the lender. However, these customers are still "satisfied customers". They receive a free consultation AND feel better about going to closing. These are the perfect customers to spread the word about your business. This is how your customer base begins to build.  This one customer may know someone who needs our assistance and a savings IS achieved.

Do I need to purchase any training materials or marketing materials?

No. Complete training is provided on-line at the company training site. In addition you are provided with a list of hundreds of places where you can place free advertisements. There is no need for any further investment.

Do I need to speak to customers?

No. Market the service over the Internet and when a customer expresses interest you can respond by email.  Most customers will fill out the on-line form which means you will not need to even correspond with them by e-mail.    You receive an e-mail each time one of your customer contacts us for assistance.

After I place my ads can I contact you for assistance?

All new representatives receive one-on-one assistance for their first 90 days via email. For your first 90 days whenever a person (either a customer or a potential representative) responds to one of your advertisements just forward the email to our staff at I.R. Services. Our staff will  answer the email on your behalf and send you a courtesy copy of our response. We ask that you take time to read our responses during the 90 day period so that you will learn how to handle inquiries. If, after the 90 day period, you are still not comfortable responding to email inquiries you may contact I.R. Services for continued assistance.

Can I earn money training other representatives?

Yes. Loan Pros has a separate program where you can earn money training others.   Details regarding this training position are listed in the Training Site.

How do I know when someone joins my team or a customer contacts you?

You receive a confirmation via e-mail each time a person joins your team or when a customer contacts us for assistance.   To keep our program affordable monthly reports are not mailed so please keep track of the e-mails you receive.

Is Loan Pros affiliated with any professional groups?

Yes.  Loan Pros is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and often speaks to groups regarding the loan closing process.

Are there any fees to become a representative?

Loan Pros is not one of the many "affiliate" programs you find popping up overnight on the Internet that are here today and gone tomorrow.   Rather, Loan Pros is a business or a franchise, of sorts,  which you will run from  your home marketing either locally or over the Internet.

 Just as with any real business there is a small start up fee.  Our start up fee is minimal - only $15.00 - and is our way of making sure you are serious about your desire to work from home and are not merely clicking and joining the free affiliate programs popping up on the Internet.

Loan Pros is different - we are very involved with your business and provide support 7 days a week.  We offer personal assistance with your marketing,  allow you to use our toll free number in advertisements for customers,  keep you with an up to date 100% free training site located on the Internet  and most importantly we are real people offering you a real home based business with integrity.  By charging the start up fee our staff does not waste time setting up an individual merely "clicking and joining" one of the freebies on the Internet.  Loan Pros has a far more profitable program than most companies.

Try being a representative for five (5) days - if you are not happy with the training material or simply decide the business is not for you then simply ask for a refund within the first five days of your membership and you will receive a 100% refund.   No long delays waiting on a refund - we guarantee your refund request will be processed within 48 hours.

 In addition, your $15.00 is refunded when you submit your first customer which Loan Pros is able to assist with a savings.  In fact, it is not only refunded to you but the person who sponsored you also receives a $15.00 bonus when you submit your first paying customer.   It's our way of encouraging team members to remain in touch and  our way of motivating you to start marketing!  If you have never tried Internet marketing you will discover our training site will provide you with all tools to get started.   Also, our support staff will assist you at any time.



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